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One Window - All Features

DiFlex Was Developed by Experts in the Market Research

DiFlex is so easy to use, based on one window principle, that it is possible to: make a call, fill a survey link, and monitor results at the same time. DiFlex converts any browser into an outbound call center in minutes for managing at home agents anywhere anytime using various devices e.g., (smartphone, computers, tablets).

Our cloud-based dialer with SIP connectivity to get your call center or home-workers operational within days – surely a

DiFlex As a CATI Dialer

For Majority of Asterisk PBX Systems With Advanced Features Implemented

Your operators will not have to manually dial respondents’ numbers - the whole dialing process is automatic. Using Simple, Preview, Predictive and Progressive dialing functions will reduce waiting time for the next call to a minimum.

Simple: Strategy for cases you require do not miss any call and get ready to complex conversation before call started.

Preview: Strategy for cases you require see all list of contacts and choose before call started where to call.

Power: Strategy that makes significant productivity boost with no delay agent call connect.

Predictive: Most effective strategy that uses dialing statistics to provide highly possible call rate for every agent.

Flexible Integrations


All features defined for Dialer/CATI communication implemented to provide full featured connection between systems.

  • Fully documented API allows for easy integration to other platforms as required.
  • Survey software integration by your request


DiFlex Reporter

DiFlex reporters is your complete view on how the contact center is performing. This service allows you to display the information that is relevant to you. All the data you need to track is displayed in discreet individual sections known as widgets, housed in a dashboard display using a layout that is specified by you.

Data can be displayed in a range of styles – raw data tables, big numbers and highly refined graphs such as; pie, bar, line and area.

All reports can be exported to CSV or Excel formats.

  • Information on both real-time and historical data
  • Multimedia session data displayed visually
  • Web application/ browser based
  • Shared reports by users with permission view
  • Export to CSV or Excel

Real-Time Analytics


Know the status of your campaign at any given moment and without having to ask a technician. Access live status overviews and browse live data. You can even update contact data on the fly.


All analytics are created in real time, so you can take decisions in a timely manner. Create shortcuts for the analytics you need to have at your fingertips regularly.

Live Monitoring

Get rid of the guesswork. Monitor individual and team metrics in real-time.

Call Monitoring & Recording

Listening to ongoing calls in Live

Listen silently to ongoing calls. You can even send a message to the agent, which is very helpful during the training period.

On-demand recording

Record talks as a regular part of your workflow or ad hoc at the click of a button. Conversations can be recorded one-way, two-way recording or both at the same time. It’s your choice.

Answering machine detection (AMD)

Reliability & Security

Highly Scalable Cloud Solution
Dialfire grows (and shrinks) with your needs and this instantly. Use it for any number of seats and pay only for what you use. We take care of it for you. No software installation. No server setup. No maintenance.
Secure Data & Voice Encryption
We know your data is sensitive. All DiFlex traffic happens through a secure connection (https). Data is backed up on multiple servers. DiFlex servers deployed on
DiFlex is Multi-Tenant Solution
Using DiFlex you can flexible and multiple sigh in, Create multiple tenant within the platform, Invite Team member individually or in Bulk.
Technical Support
Track agent statistics, call activity, Quota As a global solution provider, we have team available 24/7. Our engineers will respond to the needs of your business, with a wide range of service level agreements available.
Consulting & Study
Our team always happy to transfer our knowledge and provide client with best information about most present technologies and its best usage scenarios.

* Next module: IVR survey and Phone survey using via Viber, Whatsapp and other apps