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Phone Research Made

2x Faster and Cheaper

No installation. No setup fee. No commitment.
DiFlex is a purpose designed for easy way conducting simple or complex telephone research (CATI). Also for individual calling many contacts from a list or a large call counter with hundreds of seat
screen devices

More than Dialer tool

What is DiFlex ?

Cloud phone system to make calling process

Outbound calling with full Range of dialing options:Predictive, Progressive, Power, Dialpad, Dialer AI meets any needs of your companyExplore more
One Beautiful workspace synchronized feature:and intuitive interface makes calling process extremally flexibleExplore more
Integrations with many market research online software with:Unique Quota management tool – Ensures connection only to the desired segment, making the calling process efficient whenever the system no longer allows calls to respondents with reached quotaExplore more
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Pre-Integrated System

Saves Up Your Time Noticeably

Insert survey link

Just insert survey link

Two-way integrated with powerful online survey Software for professional telephone survey

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Pre-Integrated System

Additional Market Research Services Are Also Available.

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Just choose your desired Phone number (Caller ID)

• Integrated with VOIP dialers

• Setting your own Phone number (SIP Trunk)

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To handle concurrency, fast failover, and outage proofing to host voice

Diflex has data centers across seven geographic regions


DIFLEX Offers More Call Center Features You Will Love at A Start-Up Friendly Price

Set up in seconds

No hardware. No lines. No headaches. Start a conversation anywhere in the world — today

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Easy To Manage Campaign or CATI

• Start campaign with any survey link.

• No software installation and training.

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One platform, everything you need

In one screen synchronously working pre-integrated Survey and voip software.

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Detailed Call Center Analytics

Track agent statistics, call activity, Quota Distributions reports, dialing trends.

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Monitor key metrics & Recording

Live listening to ongoing calls and on-demand recording.

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Gain visibility with Real-time Analytics

Get rid of the guesswork. Monitor individual and team metrics in real-time.

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Reliability & Security

Highly scalable cloud solution with secure data and voice encryption.

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Highly scalable cloud solution with secure data and voice encryption.

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• Customize SIP number

• Customize SIP Number • Customize any aspect of your campaign – without scripting

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Additional Services for Market Research

Survey Programming And Hosting:DiFlex offers an extensive selection of software solutions for survey programming. As an independent company, we prioritize finding the most suitable platform that meets all your specific requirements.Explore more
Data Processing:Data can be easily manipulated to achieve desired outcomes. While accurate survey programming and high-quality data collection ensure consistent results, the significance of data preparation, manipulation, and processing cannot be ignored.Explore more
Data Analytics:Examining variations in travel behavior among different demographic groups. Determining the primary factors influencing customer satisfaction levels.Explore more
Data Visualization:Our data visualization team is more than just a team—it's an entire ecosystem. Within this ecosystem, we have a group of devoted and skilled visualization experts who excel in transforming data into easily understandable reports.Explore more
Graphic Design:At DiFlex, our graphic designers combine their expertise and creativity to craft custom-made designs from the ground up.Explore more